We will always burn the Man


“Fire is what gives us life, but it is what we do with that fire that makes a difference.

“And as the late Larry Harvey would say, we will always burn the Man.”

– Crimson Rose and Will Roger Burning Man Project Co-founders


As she has done annually for the last 20 years, on Saturday night, September 5, 2020, Burning Man Project Co-founder and fire dancer extraordinaire Crimson Rose ceremoniously ignited the Man.

But unlike previous years, we were not surrounded by 80,000 of our closest friends and a cacophony of sound systems from hundreds of mutant vehicles. Instead, our annual ritual took place on Fly Ranch and was managed by fewer than 35 dedicated people — only those responsible for construction, fire safety, media, and Leave No Trace.

Our great circle extended around the world, thanks to a surprise live stream that ignited across Burning Man Project media channels. More than 100,000 Burners felt the heat from that desert fire. Hundreds of thousands of people felt shivers as the Man burst into flame, awe as the effigy burned, and joy as it fell.

We built this for you. Only YOU know why we gather to build and Burn the Man — it’s ritual significance is unique to each and every Burner who co-creates our vibrant global community. So ends one year, and begins another.

“In the midst of the pandemic, traditions and rituals have become even more important. The act of lighting a fire to release the old and renew the new is something we hold dear. For fire burns in each and every one of us. We are all united by fire; in our spirit, in our blood, in our hearts.”

– Crimson Rose and Will Roger Burning Man Project Co-founders