A huge thank you to the artists photographers whose work brings the story of Burning Man to life in these pages. Below, where available, we’ve included page by page artist and photographer credits.


  • The Man, Baker Beach 1989 (Photo by Stuart Harvey)
  • Founder Photo, 2013 (photo by Karen Kuehn)
  • Multiverse 2020 Digital Illustration by Tanner Boeger

Fighting COVID-19 on the Front Lines

  • Katie Capano Engine 9 (Photo by Todd Bevans)
  • Katie Capano Queens COVID (Photo by Katie Capano)
  • Molly Harpel (Photo by Molly Harpel)

Environmental Sustainability

  • Fly Ranch image by Gordon Ching
  • SEED symbiotic coevolution by Samantha Katz, Woody Nitibhon, Henry O’Donnell, Lola Lafia, Eric Baczuk, John Hilmes, Max Schwitalla, and Colin O’Donnell
  • Fly Ranch Labyrinth (Photo by Will Roger)

Radical Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (R.I.D.E.)

  • Photo courtesy of Jayson Jackson
  • Henry Chang (Photo by Eleanor Preger)

The Global Network

  • Drawing by Eva Reiska
  • RoBurn (Photo from the RoBurn website)
  • Sacramento Spark Drive Through (Photo by Alan Sheckter)
  • Quaggafontein (Photo from the Afrikaburn website)


  • Caveat Magister (Photo by John Curley)
  • Coyote (Photo by John Curley)

The 2020 Multiverse

  • 2020 Multiverse Poster (Created by Nicole Bloss)
  • Multiverse images courtesy of the Universe teams

Gratitude & Finances

  • Glow Forth Burn barrel (Designed by Mike Hampton)
  • Ticket Designs by Buck Down, Stuart Sharpe, Shawn Cook, Mark Harrison

Stories of Hope & Resilience

  • Courtesy of Hartaj Singh
  • Courtesy of Sid Bresler
  • Courtesy of Moonshine
  • Courtesy of Timothy Johnson, Jonathan Yudis, and Jennifer Russell
  • Marlon Williams (Photo by Cali Williams)

We Will Always Burn the Man

  • Man Burn 2020 (Photo by Motorbike Matt Reyes)
  • Crimson Cauldron Ceremony (Photo by Eleanor Preger)
  • Crimson Lighting the Man (Video by Burning Man Project)
  • Man Crew (Photo by Noelle Pratt)
  • Fallen Man (Photo by Terry Pratt)

10 Principles

  • Symbols Designed by James Wickham

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